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Soil EP® Ag 66® Soil FX® Weatoil® FAS®

Ag 66®:

Ag 66 contains over 66 essential micronutrients that help alter the tension of water which helps release bound up soil nutrients and improves water absorption and retention capabilities preventing drought and excess water crop/turf stress.
Key Micronutrients for Plants:

  • C (carbon)
  • S (sulfur)
  • Ca (calcium)
  • Mg (magnesium)
  • Mn (manganese)
  • Cu (copper)
  • Fe (iron)
  • Zn (zinc)
  • Cl (chlorine)
  • Mo (molybdenum)
  • Co (cobalt)

Ag 66 is an economical, easy and effective solution that is Essential for increasing crop production, turf growth, root development and rapid greening without sacrificing safety. Additionally, Ag 66 is easily applied through sprayers and irrigation systems.

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Ag 66®

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