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Fly Away Solution®:

Finding an effective, safe, and economical way of controlling flies in areas that prove to be ideal breeding grounds and habitations such as stockyards, dairy farms, poultry farms, and hog farms, is becoming a more difficult problem as concerns about insecticides and other hazardous chemicals contaminating the food source have become a current trend.

FAS, a potent solution of a myriad of naturally occurring microbes derived exclusively from plants, has proven to be an amazingly effective and totally environmentally safe protocol for management of high fly infestation.

While completely harmless to humans and all livestock, the FAS microbes dissolve the wings of any insect whose wings are composed of a thin organic layer/membrane, such as Flies, Black Flies, Mosquitoes, and Gnats. This breaks the larvae cycle by destroying both mature flies and those that hatch, providing a safe and effective way to gain control of the fly problem that exists.

The product is safe to apply directly over the animals, feed area, water source and all surrounding area. The most effective way to begin control is to cover the entire area and surrounding ranch.

Upon application an additional benefit will become readily evident. The solids (manure) will break down and liquefy, significantly reducing odor.

Results can be clearly noticeable in as little as 45 to 60 days when applied on a program specifically addressing your specific needs and the severity of the fly infestation.

As every situation is different, and every location has different challenges and conditions, Ag Turf Products, Inc. will provide an expert initial consultation, to generate a customized program that will optimize product effectiveness and cost efficiency for the client.

One should look for a 60% to 80% fly reduction over the first 2 years.

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Fly Away Solution®

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