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Soil EP® Ag 66® Soil FX® Weatoil® FAS®

Soil FX®:

Provides a proprietary blend of microbes and micronutrients that develops healthier roots with the right vitamins and minerals while releasing the tied up nutrients in the soil. Soil FX is the leading product to bring quickly seen results with lasting benefits...

Benefits that have been seen:

  • Economical and Easy to use
  • Increased Soil and Plant Health
  • Increased fertilizer efficiency and reduction
  • Decreased Disease and Insect Pressure
  • Break down of Chemical Residues
  • Improved Crop Yields
  • Increased Organic Matter
  • Improved Soil Structure
  • Reduced Crusting and Hardpan
  • Improved Water Percolation and Absorption
  • Optimum Root Development
  • Improved Crop Grade

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